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Navigating Care – Before you find yourself sitting for hours in an emergency room, or end up with medical fees that are not covered by your health plan, here are some things you should know before you or a family member need medical care.

Opioid Overdose Resource- What should you do if you suspect someone to be experiencing an opioid overdose?

Remove the Risk – Safe Opioid Disposal – Free toolkit on the dangers of keeping unused opioid pain medicine in the house and how to safely dispose of this medication.

Onduo Diabetes Program-  BHPP, Health Advantage, and Onduo have teamed up for a diabetes program for qualifying type II diabetics.

Health Encyclopedia – Comprehensive Health Information from A-Z

Wellness Library – Wellness Information for All Aspects of Your Life

Drug Reference – Drug Interactions, Search, and Descriptions

Interactive Health Tools – Health Calculators, Quizzes, and Risk Assessments

Symptom Checker – Interactive Symptom Checker and Care Information

Smoking Cessation Resources – Information on how to start your quit smoking journey today

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