Baptist Health Physician Partners


Through collaboration with physicians, clinics, hospitals, and payers, Baptist Health Physician Partners can truly provide a program that supports our triple aim goal:

  1. Reducing cost, not just for the payers, but for the physicians and patients in our program.
  2. Improving the quality of care, ensuring patient satisfaction and overall increased patient return and referral.
  3. Improving patient experience. Above all, we strive to provide all of our patients with the best experience possible.

Payers can elect to invest in health plan benefits that are aligned with and consciously supported by physician practice behavior, and can work in partnership with the physician network to choose and reinforce those benefits. Coordination of care and transitions of care across provider continuum will be smoother and more cost effective and provider collaboration will reduce waste. The provision of care will be more consistent and effective following supervised Evidence Based Medicine guidelines within the physician network.

Baptist Health Physician Partners works to improve all aspects of population health through physician led initiatives, care management, and even pharmacy outreach.

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