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Baptist Health Physician Partners is the largest clinical integration program in Arkansas conceived by a group of physicians who saw the healthcare changes facing this industry, not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity. Baptist Health Physician Partners is a physician led and dominated group of healthcare providers who have a common goal of providing the best quality care and lowering the cost of that care for all Arkansans.

Now with more than 1,600 participating providers, BHPP provides a support system for private practices, enables physicians to engage in joint contracting, provides financial incentives based on quality benchmarks, and provides access to business intelligence information technology with data visibility across the full continuum of care.

For more information on Baptist Health Physician Partners or to enroll your clinic in this physician partnership, please fill out the form below or contact Megan McQueen at 501-202-4319 or

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Benefits of Being a Partner

By partnering with Baptist Health Physician Partners and meeting quality measures (link to Quality Measures Page), physicians will have the ability to qualify for several shared savings programs at no risk.

This partnership is an added bonus for you. Patients will qualify for care management and population health management programs to provide patients with less out of pocket expenditures. This benefit will increase the number of patients visiting Baptist Health Physician Partner clinics.

Physician Partners have access to user friendly data and reporting thanks to our Crimson Analytics and Data applications. This allows physicians to make real time decisions and focus in on areas that need improvement.

We have an amazing team, including a clinical quality manager, who reviews data and works closely with physicians, clinics, and hospitals. In addition, we have an engineer who is always striving to perfect the way we collect and view data. And finally, we have an on staff clinical pharmacist who, in addition to managing our overall populations, is available for one-on-one consults with physicians and clinics.

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